From funky feel good to crunchy and dirty basslines

Forrest Funk sticks it together.

Dj Forrest Funk Portrait
Forrest Funk


Forrest Funk is a Augsburg based Dj and Producer.

Influenced by funk and hip hop his groovy cross genre mixes are filled with classics of the music history and the latest tracks from glitch hop and party breaks – funked up in his very own way.

After numerous club gigs, in Vienna, Salzburg, Innsbruck, Linz, Graz, Freiburg, Stuttgart, Achern and Berlin, Forrest played with some great guys like Jayl Funk, Lack Jemmon, Quincy Jointz, Dj Maxxx, Nobodys Face, Djane Jo-C, XRated, Dj Sticky and many more.

As a producer Forrest Funk  creates some dope mashups, remixes, edits and  released a track on the "Lime Sorbet" Compilation by Quincy Jointz via Timewarp Music.

End of 2016 he kick started the new project Mined & Forrest with Mined from Obba select.
Inspired by classic funk, modern bass design and hip hop sampling they teamed up to bring their musical ideas together. 

Their debut EP There it is was released on the internationally known music label Breakbeat Paradise Recordings on September 15th 2017.

Followed by remixes for Lack Jemmon, Ken and Jack & Jointz.

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